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PRNewswire/ A sluggish economy coupled with weak demand has kept the 2011 PNC Christmas Price Index (PNC CPI) to a moderate gain of 3.5 percent in the whimsical economic analysis by PNC Wealth Management based on the gifts in the holiday classic, «The Twelve Days of Christmas.»According to the 28th annual survey, the price tag for the PNC CPI is $24,263.18 in 2011, $823.80 more than last year and less than half the increase seen in 2010. Still, that comes on the heels of a more modest 1.8 percent increase two years ago at the end of the recession. The web site also reflects PNC commitment to education by teaching economic trends through the PNC CPI..

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We assume somewhere by year five we will be at the revenue

150th anniversary of our civil war elybuzz

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It costs the government a little over $300/day for each inmate to be locked up. All the guys accused on this case are still locked up in PRETRIAL (almost 5 years now) with the government having little to no evidence if released soon without having any solid evidence, the government would have to pay them $1000/day to each inmate that has unlawfully served this much time for no fucking reason. The crown has been anticipating this this piece of shit Dan turned informant, makes you question what the FUCK the crown was doing since these guys have been locked up in pretrial? Jerking eachother off I bet..

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In 2012 we anticipate seeing more of an influence from inflation but expect to offset margin pressures by continuing to prudently manage our inventory, continuing to shift our product assortment mix while judiciously passing on price increases. We expect SG as a percentage of sales to decline in Q4 2011 as compared to Q4 2010. As a result of the gross profit rate expansion and expense dynamics, we anticipate that operating margins will increase in Q4 2011 compared with Q4 2010..

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